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Our vision...

“Learning and Living Grace and Truth”

Learn: At BCM we believe everyone’s journey with Jesus starts by becoming a humble learner (Romans 10:14). As a community we commit to learning the teachings of Jesus and how they impact our lives. For our community to thrive we must all remain teachable.


Live: As true followers of Jesus our learning must move to action. We can study all day, but all that knowledge is worthless if we don’t seek to apply it practically to our everyday lives. We at BCM strive to live out the Words of Jesus within the context of community.


Truth: We believe God’s word reveals powerful absolute truths in a world of relativism. And for our community to grow strong we must seek to get to know one another. The capacity of our love for one another grows as we gain learn more truth about one another.


Grace: How we handle truth is incredibly important! Truth without grace damages and grace without truth deceives. A cornerstone truth of the message of Jesus is that all those who place their trust in Him receive life-changing grace. For our community to work we also must be willing to extend grace to one another. Jesus demonstrated this perfectly throughout His life (John 1:14)!

The goal of BCM is to graduate Officers in the Army who will continue to glorify God throughout their careers.  Everything we do is done with the goal send cadets out.  Launching them into the world to be lights for Christ in it.

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